Colourpop Review and first giveaway

img_0597Hi ladies!

I have been wanting to try some ColourPop lippies since I ran out of my theBalm products a month or so back and decided Black Friday would be a good time to go for it! I was attempting to add three new colors to my collection:

  1. A Kylie Jenner-esque nude
  2. An everyday nude pink to replace my Balm product (that is $18 a tube)
  3. A vampy-undertone red wine

After doing some research I decided on:

  1. Beeper
  2. Clueless
  3. Are N Be

I also purchased two self-sharpening lip liner pencils.

  1. For Beeper, I didn’t buy a pencil, instead opting to use my nude liner from Ulta
  2. For Clueless, I purchased the recommended Contempo pencil
  3. For Are N Me, I purchased the recommended LBB pencil

Swatches and Review


Beeper: This is a great dupe for Kyle Jenner Dolce K, this lippie is a perfect light nude brown for fall and winter.

Clueless: A spot-on dupe for Kylie Jenner Candy K and a pretty everyday nude pink

Are N Be: The third Kylie dupe seemed too dark to me so I went with Are N Be instead which appeared to be a little more plum. It was a mistake for what I was looking for. I never do well with dark lipsticks and this one has too many purple undertones for me.


I am doing a giveaway for this product and the matching lip liner, LBB! Scroll to the bottom of the post to learn how to enter.


Compared to other similar mattes, I would say the finish is medium moisture. Compared to my two other favorite matte lippies:

BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor: BareMinerals’ product is definitely dryer on the lips and leaves my chapped winter lips looking a little sad.

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte: theBalm has more moisture which some people find comfy on the lips and some find overly drippy and hard to work with.

ColourPop is a happy medium. Not dripping off the brush, but hardy enough that the light and medium shades don’t show imperfections.

This product definitely has wear power and you will need a good exfoliator and makeup remover to get it off. I wouldn’t recommend putting on a shade you don’t intend to stick with once your makeup is done.

The lip liners are super nice. I immediately felt the difference between by Ulta product’s dryness and lack of precision compared to the ColourPop variety.


The reason people love ColourPop is the price. You can’t beat it! I used the $5 intro offer and caught the Black Friday special, bringing my total to $24 with shipping. I couldn’t even buy and ship one BareMinerals or theBalm product for the cost of five.

REMEMBER: Due to the “low cost nature” of the product, there are no returns except for items damaged upon arrival. So choose wisely!

Btw, check out my fabulous brows! They were done my Alexandria at the Ulta store in Deptford, NJ and she did an amazing job keeping my brows full and fleeky. Comment for more details or the products used in this look.


I am doing a giveaway for the ColourPop liquid lipstick Are N Be, a deep plum perfect for winter, and the matching lip liner, LBB! The products you will receive are the exact ones shown in the pictures which were used for swatches only.

To enter, like, share and comment on this post on Facebook:

The winner will be announced December 17!

This is my first giveaway and if it gets a good response, I have two Aurora Bands (the UK and FB hair sensation) to give away next.

Thanks and happy holidays,



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