Why I Love Shopping Small but Amazon Still has my Heart: A Customer Service Story

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Oh Amazon. The enemy of most a modern-day store. To be honest, I don’t think Amazon is any more to blame for the hit brick-and-mortars and mom-and-pops have taken than say Walmart. Amazon has carved its own niche in that it is exclusively found online.

The only times Amazon really competes product for product with local, small retailers is with its Amazon Fresh program and same-day shipping. Fresh competes with local franchisey supermarkets and if same-day shipping is available, that’s basically like delivery from your favorite store. I can see how in the select metro areas where these programs are offered, things are a little dicey.

Still, when Amazon comes into an area it creates tons of jobs. How great those jobs are is up for discussion. 

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Regardless, I am a former member of Amazon Prime (the cheap, student version) and loved every minute of ordering products at 9pm on Sunday and having them arrive by Tuesday afternoon for free. I think my mailman started to get irritated with me so I have since cut back.

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One product I buy from Amazon every. single. time. I need one is iPhone chargers. Amazon sells a line of technology staples called “Amazon Basics”. They ship free, Prime or not, in hassle-free, low-waste packaging. The items are of the same quality and full-compatibility of an Apple original product because they are Apple certified. (No “this accessory may not be legit” messages for you.) The chargers come in the standard length as well as an extended length which I prefer because of the configuration of my nightstand. The longer one is around $12 and the standard retails under $10.

Recently, my sister borrowed my charger (which I have owned since July) and she broke it. I don’t know how. I did ask. I was met with denial. But the plastic piece where the head connects to the cord was pulled a bit and I figured the product wouldn’t last much longer. I immediately went online to order another one when I saw something about warranty information from the last time I’d purchased the product. Apparently, there is a one-year warranty included on all Amazon basic items. I emailed customer service and the representative emailed me back a few hours later, apologizing and providing a tracking number. A new charger had been sent my way already, with free next-day shipping. I did not need to show proof of the defect or return the old product.


I was speechless. And if you know me, that never happens. I was just truly, momentarily taken aback by that level of customer service. By the fact that this company had diligent enough records to know what I bought and where to send the new one. That they had an actual person email me and promptly. That they managed to make me feel like I just walked up to the customer service counter  and was given personal attention, all through a screen.

Amazon High, Amazon Forever,


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