National Free Coffee Day

Good morning, java heads!

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Today is National Free Coffee Day. (That definitely wasn’t a thing until last year.) I have an interesting relationship with the good ol’ brew. As a kid, I hated it. Loved the smell but frankly felt like it tasted like wet sand looks only nuttier. In high school, I was somehow introduced to iced coffee with caramel and pumpkin and sugar and creamer and all that other horrible fake stuff and I. was. in love. I looked forward to stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home with my permit. Still, I was never the type to drink coffee every day. Then college hit. And my once-in-a-while drink became my multiple-times-a-week, why-am-I-premed-again? drink. But coffee started to replace breakfast and besides going broke, I started to feel jittery. So I quit coffee altogether and then added it back in slowly and that was great and is the point I am at now.

I still don’t drink coffee without breakfast first. That seems to prevent the jitters. And to be honest, once I’m awake I have enough energy to not need a cup. I usually get my coffee around two or three in the afternoon when I’m at work or school and feel sluggish. I am also careful about drinking coffee at night because hot or iced, it gives me heartburn if I drink it and then try to sleep.


So National Coffee Day, bring it on! Yesterday, I got a free medium coffee from DD because I live in the Philadelphia metro area and the Eagles won! Every Monday following a winning Sunday game, you can get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any flavoring and fixings. You simply download the DD app and click on “perks” to find the coupon. (Thankfully the DD app isn’t like Starbucks where you have to give out your credit card information to use it.)

Note: Word has it that if you sign up for the DD app today, they will give you a free coffee every week for the whole month of October in addition to National Free Coffee Day, Eagles Days, and Rewards Perks. What?!

For today, I hit up DD and my dad hit up Wawa for freebies.

DD limits the coffee to one per customer but if you want to be ambitious and you drink the stuff daily, stop by a couple neighborhood Dunkin’s (they’re on every corner around here) and get all iced coffee cups after the first with no ice. The coffee won’t be watered down so tomorrow morning you can just add in your own ice and be on your way. You could also order your coffee hot and put it in the fridge when you get home (which is my favorite way to do iced coffee at home anyway). Just like with the Eagles promo, you can get any flavoring you want so this is a great opportunity to try out DD’s seasonal pumpkin spice syrup. Yum!

Note: All free coffee given out will be DD’s newish Dark Roast so keep that in mind when opting for skim milk.

Wawa does not limit you to one cup of coffee so feel free to get some for the office. However, there is a lot of miscommunication within Wawa about iced coffee. Last year, I saw on the Wawa site that all coffee, including iced from the machine, was free. I saw posts upon Instagram posts with girls and their free iced Wawa coffees. And yet when I got to the counter, they tried to charge me for mine! I was about ready to pull up the Wawa corporate page to show where it specifically said iced was included in the promo but the kind gentleman behind me paid for my cup before I had the chance. (The gentleman was my dad.) So again, be careful with that and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Are there great coffee deals at the chains in your area today? Where are all my Tim Horton’s peeps? Comment below with your National Free Coffee Day story!

Brews away,


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